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Space Communications and Navigation
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Space Communications
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Space Communications Program Elements
Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) coordinates multiple space communications networks as well as network support functions to regulate, maintain, and grow NASA's space communications and navigation capabilities, in support of all NASA's space missions. These programs and activities are listed below.
Deep Space Network Antenna at Goldstone in California Deep Space Network
The Deep Space Network (DSN) has a key role in the Deep Impact Mission - that of maintaining the link between spacecraft and the earth.
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Space Network facility Space Network
The Space Network (SN) provides tracking and data relay for spacecraft, satellites, and expendable launch vehicles (ELV) using space and ground segments.
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McMurdo Service System Near Earth Network
The Near Earth Network (NEN), formerly referred to as The Ground Network, provides services to orbital spacecraft.
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NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Network Integration
Network Integration was formerly referred to as the SCaN Constellation Integration Project (SCIP).
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Tracking and Data Relay Satellite TDRSS
The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) consists of seven operational satellites that provide in-flight communications with spacecraft operating in low-Earth orbit.
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Space Communications Architecture Vision Systems Planning
Systems Planning is responsible for the task of developing a communications and navigation architecture to support Exploration and Science Programs through 2030.
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Electra UHF Transceiver Technology
Technology aims to predict the needs of future communications missions in a manner that will yield initiatives with performance advancements and a reduction in cost.
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world Data Standards
Data Standards pursues the implementation of national and international space data standards with the aim to improve interoperability.
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Representative NASA Spectrum Use Agency Spectrum Management
Agency Spectrum Management ensures the availability and allocation of radio frequency spectrum for all Agency programs to support the operation of navigation systems, space and ground based radio transmission, and mission sensor operations.
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Spectrum colors Spectrum Environment
Spectrum Environment focuses on comprehending and mitigating frequency and device interferences that effect the radio frequency spectrum.
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Search and Rescue depiction Search & Rescue/Distress Alerting Satellite System (DASS)
Search and Rescue coordinates with the Distress Alerting Satellite System (DASS) and is working on a new system that will improve distress alert and location capability.
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